The idea phase is done; what next?
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The idea phase is done; what next?

"No one will randomly put money on your idea."

"Most of the time, funding is the result of better relations; keep building it."

That was the U-turn moment when my dear friend Mr Sijo Kuruvila commented after seeing the Volcano demo.

He loved the concept and especially hinted choice fatigue problem is something he is suffering these days.

We spent 4-5 hours over a peg of whiskey at Sijo's house, at Kozhikode.

"Giving you the best live content which suites your requirement" was the one-liner use case we believe where we want to reach.

Yes, the journey is not that easy, but of course, there are some better hacks we could attempt.

"Try to get some cheques from interested investors and go full-on with this", was his motivation.

We spent a week to realise what Sijo had said, but he acted from the very next day for us.

He drafted a detailed email and sent it to his best buddy circle, and here is the copy of that mail he had posted in his substack.

The one skill, which Sijo valued the most from his experience is the RELATIONSHIP skills.

In later weeks, we made tick marks for each contact Sijo has shared, and the pivot point here is that most of the people listed in that email were also passionate about listening to the Volcano story. It gave us a brand new insight into many things which we conceived from a different angle.

We are slowly creeping in...

As the famous quote says, enjoy the journey; no need to worry about the destination.

And a great thank you  to Sijo for his mentorship.

Sijo Kuruvila - Volcano