☝ It's on your count; it is rolling...
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☝ It's on your count; it is rolling...

One way to see Volcano is as a visual version of the Clubhouse app. However, I would rather say a better elevator pitch as Twitch for  IRLs (In Real Life)

Volcano is even beyond this, from a "visionary" point of view, in early days, we call it using different tag lines:

  • Living Videos
  • Videos and Beyond
  • A two-way TV

Twitch may look like a  live streaming platform, primarily for games, but in reality, twitch is just a live screen-casting platform. The users need to depend on various third-party tools to make a screen on your laptop/desktop, and you share the screen using streaming software like OBS or StreamLabs.

On the other hand, Volcano has the vision to provide a quick plug-and-play mode to set the stage without using a bunch of 3rd party applications. This mindset will make the platform reach more people beyond professional creatives. The word "in real life"  makes more sense in this aspect.

The VOLCANO design studio will have options like set criteria about the collaborators, guests, gamification for the viewers, user reactions choices, and many more.

On a longer note, the Volcano Screen designing will be an open-source tool where external developers can add features,  free and paid, as set by the developer.

What if you could host an "America's Got Talent" program from your home/laptop and run the show for the public? It is something Volcano envisions to achieve very shortly.

In a better way, design and produce innovative smart programs online for viewers and bring participants around the globe.

Bye-bye to the backstages and the greenrooms.

It's on your count; it is rolling,
one, two, three...