Clubhouse - we are green with envy
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Clubhouse - we are green with envy

"My battery drains after using Clubhouse for a couple of hours, but that is okay; they are working on that and will fix it."
"There is no option to do a reaction here, but that is the simplicity; they will bring something soon."

What an empathetic relationship the customer has with the Clubhouse team and the app. They don't mind the bugs or lack of feature; they all believe and trust in ClubHouse and support for them, saying, "Yes, they will fix them all sooner."

Hats off the team, for maintaining the app's exclusivity, preciousness and the need, hence the demand.

I am green with envy for Clubhouse,
not for their clean and neat design and UX,
but for people, the users,  who vouch for ClubHouse, giving them a warm welcome.

The beauty of voice-only is priceless,

In 2019, when we were trying to prepare a white paper on a voice-only app (by that time, we had no clue there is an upcoming app named Clubhouse), we listed the massive power of the "voice".

Voice/sound was always an unrated sense when we compare that with the visuals. Yes, we give more priority to our eyes than ears.

The determination to stick with video at a later stage was purely based on the passion for videos. We strongly believe that if you don't have the real passion for something you do as a startup, you will be waking up with many tasks every morning. When it comes to passion, tasks will become your activities like you, do the bath, write, or play.

There are more reasons for us to firmly stick with a visual platform,  which we will share in the coming days.

Leaving two lines to give a hint towards that:

"Sometimes people want something beyond conversations."
"When visuals come in action, silence gets a meaning."